Winter Storm Electra: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Winter Storm Electra

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If you live east of the Mississippi Valley, Winter Storm Electra will be paying you a weekend visit. Here’s what you need to know about this ice queen:

1. Storm Will Be Snowiest on Saturday

Winter Storm Electra

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According to the Weather Channel, Electra will get moving later this afternoon. After “warming up” (figuratively speaking), with some patchy sleet and freezing rain in eastern Kansas and Northern Arkansas, she’ll get down to the snowy business in the mid-Mississippi Valley this evening, spreading into the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes overnight. Accumulations aren’t expected to be significant enough during rush hour to have much of an impact on the evening commute.

Saturday morning Electra heads for the northeast, likely impacting travel on portions of I-70, I-64, I-80, I-90, I-57, I-65, I-75 and I-77.

Saturday evening, snow will reach the real America, i.e. the East Coast. And that’s when things get serious.

2. 8+ Inches of Snow Possible From Northern Pennsylvania to New England

Electra is expected to drop 4-8 inches across New York City, Hartford, Boston and Pittsburgh. As per usual with these storm systems, heaviest snow totals will be found to the north and west of city centers, thanks to the proximity of major urban centers to the moderating air of rivers and coastlines. Very little snow is expected in Washington, D.C., so no reason to fret over our beloved congressional representatives!

In most locations, snow is expected to end shortly after sunrise Sunday.

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3. U.S. on Pace for More Record Lows Than Record Highs for 2013

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Electra is the fifth winter storm of the year to warrant a name, and it isn’t even technically winter yet. According to Time, the U.S. is on track to see more record low temperatures than record high ones this year.

The chill is a change of pace for most Americans, who have enjoyed two consecutive abnormally mild winters. According to CBS, last December ran 3.7° above average, after December 2011 posted eye-brow raising, windbreaker-donning 5.3° above average.

But don’t worry, scientists still agree global warming will surely kill our children.

4. Electra is the Daughter of King Agamemnon

Winter Storm Electra

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Electra, the storm’s namesake, was the daughter of King Agamemnon and Queen Clytemnestra in Greek mythology. She was best known for conspiring with her brother Orestes to kill their mother as revenge for the murder of their father.

Thanks to psychonalsis, she’s also known as the namesake for the “Electra Complex”, a condition wherein a lady likes her pappa a little too much.

The Weather Channel began naming winter storms just last year, based on the idea that naming a winter storm raises awareness and makes the storm easier to track. It also makes the weather more “hash-tagable”.

It also provides a handy search term for a budding news site looking for some traffic…

5. This December Has Been Unusually Snowy…In the Middle-East

Winter Storm in Israel

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We’re not the only ones experiencing unusually sever winter weather. Jerusalem just experienced its heaviest winter snow storm in 50 years this week. The enormous storm system reached into Cairo, where local reporters claimed the snowfall was the heaviest they’d seen in a century.

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