Brianna Benlolo, Columbia Mall Shooting Victim: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Briana Benlolo has been named by police as one of the shooting victims of in the Columbia mall attack that occurred today in Maryland, reports CBS Baltimore.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Was in Management at Zumiez

Benlolo was an assistant manager at the Zumiez store where the shooting happened at 11:15 a.m.

2. She Never Wanted to Move to Maryland

Benlolo is originally from Cocoa Beach, Florida but was living in College Park, Maryland. In March 2010, she posted a blog on Facebook detailing why she didn’t want to move to Maryland:

1. I’ve been moving around my whole life.
2. I want to know what privacy and independence feels like.
3. I’m comfortable here, like really happy, things are finally going right for me.
4. I think some time away from my mom might help our relationship.
5. I’m a horrible role model for my brothers, i don’t want them making any of my mistakes.
6. I promised myself that when I was 18, i would move out of my house.
7. Humidity breaks me out.
8. I can’t stand their accents.
9. I don’t HAVE to go
10. To prove that I am responsible to my parents and anyone else who questions my responsibility.

3. Benlolo Has An Interesting Career Path

She studied at a Paul Mitchell hair salon school. Prior to joining Zumiez in November 2012, she worked at Einstein Bros Bagels and prior to that a Gymboree play store.

4. The Corporate Office Have Paid Tribute to Her

Zumiez CEO Rick Brooks paid tribute to Benlolo, and her co-worker, Tyler Johnson, who also lost his life, Brooks said:

5. Benlolo is a Mother

Her Facebook profile features several photos of a toddler.

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