Happy Birthday, Colin: Autistic Boy Gets 1.2M Facebook Friend Surprise

happy birthday colin

10-year-old Colin told his mother, Jennifer, that he had no one to invite to his birthday party because he had no friends. Colin suffers from autism and often acts out, causing his peers to dislike him.
Jennifer decided to take matters into her own hand to show little Colin just how special he really is. She created a Facebook page titled ‘Colin is Eleven‘ on February 2. By February 12, the number of ‘friends’ (or ‘likes’) was at 1.2 million and growing.
People have also taken to sending Colin personalized, hand-written birthday cards via snail mail.

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Colin’s 11th birthday is March 9. As of yet, he has no idea about the media circus surrounding his natal day. But his mother promises to video tape it and share.

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