Kallie Humphries: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kallie Humphries


Kallie Humphries and her brakeman Heather Moyse were in second, going into their final run of the Sochi Games. The duo piloted their Canada 1 bobsled to 3:50.61 run time, good for first place, and Humphries’ second gold medal in as many Olympics.

Here’s what you need to know about her:

1. She Is Ripped

Kallie Humphries

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Bobsledding is about a lot more than lying down in an aerodynamic position. Humphries explained the rigors of her sport to CBC:

“Bobsleigh is different than most sports. We train like the Olympic weightlifters do, but also like the Olympic sprinters. So a lot of what we do is a combo of both. You have to be super strong, but also very explosive and very fast.”

One way Humphries likes to build up her strength, is pushing large cars. She’s explained to Canada.com:

“Sometimes you’re in the middle of a random place, you’re in Toronto for a media event, and you’re like: I need something just to do my 40 minutes of stuff. Grabbing a vehicle is easy, it’s heavy. I’ve got a BMW (5X) at home, so it’s fairly weighty, it works good.”

2. She’s Married to Another Bobsledder

Dan Humphries


Kallie is married to Dan Humphries, who she met when Dan was bobsledding for Great Britain in the 2006 Winter Games. Dan has since switched his citizenship, and comepeted a World Cup four-man event for Team Canada at Park City, Utah in November 2009.

Kallie met Dan when the Brits came to Calgary for training, she told NBC:

“He and his team came over to Calgary to train with the track there… I’m born and raised there so I’m always there. He’s super cute lookin’ and he’s got that sweet accent that I love so… it was hard to say no.”

When asked about what it was like to date another bobsledder, Kallie responded:

“It’s got its ups and it’s definitely got its downs, too. You trade off. I’ve got my number one support fan with me on tour so that’s really nice. On days you need a hug or you a cuddle or you just need time with that person, I’ve got them there. But on the negative side, you’ve got them with you all the time and anybody that’s ever worked with a loved one, it’s hard and it’s got its challenges… He’s the first person that gets dumped on if I had a bad day, a stressful day. And he’s the first person that kind of gets the backlash if I’m really mad at somebody or just general stuff. So it goes both ways, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

3. She Went to the 2006 Games, But Never Got to Race

Kallie Humphries

Humphries made her first trip to the Olympics as the spare member of Team Canada’s women’s bobsled team at 2006 games in Turin. She told NBC, waiting in the wings in Turin was the hardest thing she’d ever done:

“Being the spare was the worst feeling ever. It was so hard. You are so close to your Olympic dream and everything and you can’t do anything about it. You’re there, you get the jacket, you get the tightie, you get everything, but you’re not competing and you’re watching all these other people achieve their goals and you have to watch it. You have to sit there. I did all the training runs. I got to do everything else. I just didn’t get to compete on the race day and it really sucked and that really is the hardest thing I’ve had to do.”

Shortly after those games, Humphries graduated from brakeman to driver, and took gold in Vancouver in 2010.

4. Her Parents Are Devoted

Kallie Humphries


Canada.com ran a profile of Humphries parents on Tuesday, as they sat in the soaking, freezing rain, her father feverish with strep throat, as they watched their daughter compete, her father Ray explaining, “I had no choice. Our daughter’s racing.”

Her mother explained that at first she had trouble even watching her daughter compete, but had since learned to trust in Kallie’s supreme abilities:

“At first, I couldn’t watch her, and I had to close my eyes. And then — actually, in Vancouver — I remember sitting at the first run and I sat there and I started to close my eyes like I normally do. And then it was like, ‘open them, and watch her win.’ I’ve been able to watch her since that time.”

5. She’s a Huge Country Music Fan

Kallie Humphries


Kallie told NBC she was raised a country girl in rural Calgary, and its those origins that are likely responsible for her devotion to country music, a devotion not shared by any of her teammates:

“I think I’m like the only person on our team that loves it and I can only really listen to it when I’m by myself or in my headphones, because no one else likes it, but that’s okay.”

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