WATCH: Russian Troops Fire Warning Shots at Ukrainian Soldiers

Military and naval bases across the Ukrainian region of Crimea have been occupied by unidentified troops acting under Russian command. At one base, Belbek airbase in Lubimovka, the situation got so tense that Russian guards fired what may be the first shots of the impending war between the two Eastern European nations.

This morning, a unit of Ukrainian soldiers led by Colonel Yuli Mamchor attempted to take back the airbase by marching on it unarmed. As the column of singing Ukrainian troops approached the Russian guards, the Russians fired their weapons into the air. The startling and tense moment was caught on film, and you can watch it above.

Eventually the standoff led to negotiations between Colonel Mamchor and the Russian guard.

See photos from the incident below.

Ukrainian army


Russian army in Ukraine


Ukrainian war


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