Community College of Philadelphia Gunman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Community College of Philadelphia was partly evacuated, while some students were told to shelter-in-place, after a student pulled a gun on campus, reports ABC Philadelphia. The entire search was over after less than 90 minutes with cops believing the suspect fled the school. The suspect has named as Ryan Fitch, 23.

The school is located at 1700 Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. It Might Be Over a Girl

Cops responded to the school at 12 p.m. local time after reports of gunman on campus, reports CBS Philadelphia. Police told the media that a 23-year-old student walked into a chemistry classroom and pulled a gun on another student. The speculation is now that the dispute was over a girl.

Police Lt. John Standford told My Fox Philly, that the initial call said a white male with a gray shirt was armed with a handgun on campus. Later, cops said that the suspect had reached out via his father to authorities and was planning to surrender.

2. Cops Evacuated Students

Community College of Philadelphia shooting

The warning on the school’s website. (Community College of Philadelphia)

The West Building was cleared with students being evacuated. NBC Philadelphia reports that police and SWAT activity was centered around this building. Lt. Standford said during the search:

At this point in time, SWAT and other police are inside the building clearing each floor of the building just as a precaution. We don’t know if this individual has already left the building or not. But I just want to reiterate that this is not an active shooter, no one has been injured of what has been taking place now.

In addition to SWAT teams, the Department of Homeland Security responded to the scene.

3. No Shots Were Fired

Nobody was hurt during the incident and no shots were fired as police searched for the gunman.

4. It Was Never an ‘Active Shooter’

ABC News producer Jamie Pschorr tweeted that police are not treating the situation as an “active shooter” incident. Police later emphasized this at a press briefing.

5. Local Schools Were Placed on Lockdown

Philadelphia High School Lockdown

Julia R. Masterman secondary school. (Wikipedia)

The nearby Julia R. Masterman high school was also on lockdown due to the search for a gunman. In addition, My Fox Philly reports that Ben Franklin High School and Franklin Learning Center were also placed on lockdown.

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