San Marcos Fire: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A terrifying wildfire has swept through the city of San Marcos in Southern California, gutting houses and at one point creating a fire tornado. Roughly 3,000 residents were allowed to return to their homes after authorities lifted an evacuation order early Friday but the fire burned 1,200 acres.

Here’s what you need to know about the fire:

1. The Fire Has Burned More Than 9,000 Acres

As of Friday morning, the Cocos Fire burned 1,200 acres in San Marcos and residents have been allowed to return to their homes, KPBS reports.

(Bill Wechter/Getty Images)

(Bill Wechter/Getty Images)

Nine separate fires in the last two days have burned more than 9,000 acres in this area of Southern California, according to Fox 5 San Diego.

2. The Fire Created a Fire Tornado

KTLA reports a tornado of flames erupted near homes in San Marcos as a result of the fires.

3. At Least 20 Structures Have Been Damaged

Officials said at least 20 structures had been damaged in five fires, including three homes in San Marcos as of Thursday morning.

4. People Have Been Urged to Evacuate Quickly

County of San Diego Deputy Chief Ron Lane told KTLA people should be prepared to leave their homes within 15 minutes if they’re told to do so by officials.

5. Fires in Nearby Carlsbad Destroyed Hundreds of Acres

San Diego 6 reports that fires in nearby Carlsbad have destroyed nearly 400 acres and resulted in roughly $22.5 million in damage.

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