Cop Hits & Kills 2 Pedestrians: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Two pedestrians are dead after a police car hit them early this morning in Barnesville, Georgia. The officer driving the car has been identified as Terry Belvin, 44, a member of the Barnesville Police Department who was on duty at the time of the crash.

Here is what you need to know:

1. The Crash Occurred Around 1 A.M. on a 4-Lane Highway

Fox Atlanta reports that the crash occurred at around 1 a.m. as two pedestrians were attempting to cross a four-lane highway. The two young men were reportedly attempting to cross Georgia Highway 7 near Grove Street when Officer Terry Belvin hit them.

barnesville officer

Terry Belvin. (Facebook)

WSBTV in Atlanta reports that the Georgia State Patrol will handle the investigation.

The GSP’s spokesperson said:

Initial indication is the two men killed were crossing the southbound lanes of the four-lane highway when they were struck in the travel lane by a southbound Barnesville police patrol car.

2. Justen Sullivan & Quentin Byrd Were Killed

In the accident, Barnesville natives Justen Sullivan, 25, and Quentin Byrd, 21, were both killed. Family members, as in the tweet seen below, took to Twitter to pay their respects. It appears that both victims’ Facebook accounts have been taken down.

Belvin was reportedly injured in the accident. Fox Atlanta reports that he was brought to a local hospital and teated for “injuries,” though the nature and severity of those injuries are unknown.

3. Belvin, the Son of a Police Officer, Joined the Department Last Year

Belvin bears an uncanny similarity to his dad, who, according to this Facebook post, was also a police officer.

Belvin just joined the Barnesville Police Department last year.

4. Belvin Is a Newlywed

Belvin’s Facebook page depicts him as a loving father and son, avid hunter and strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

It also chronicles he recent wedding, in May of 2013.

5. Barnesville Has a Low Rate of Traffic Fatalities

Barnesville is not a typically dangerous place for either drivers or pedestrians. According to City Data, Barnesville averages around one fatal crash per year.

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Big O

He did that on purpose, I seen the video he had enough time to slam on the breaks, or turn the wheel to the right. Why was he speeding? Basically wreck less lights no siren. He is liable. He has that look like he wanted to kill some blacks… Guns tatted on his arm, hunting deer, he had a taste for blood and got it fulfilled… He needs a change of career.. Whoever hired this man needs to be investigated. His mind isn’t right. They must be members of the good OK boy club

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