Bourbon Street Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bourbon Street shooting, sunday morning New Orleans


Nine people were hospitalized early Sunday morning after shots were fired on Bourbon Street in New Orleans’ historic French Quarter.

Here’s what you should know about the shooting.

This is a breaking story. Stay tuned for updates.

1. Shots Were Fired at 2:45 in the Morning

According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, shots were fired at 2:45 a.m. on Sunday. The shootings occurred in the 700 block of Bourbon street. The video above features surveillance footage from the Bourbon Street when the shots were fired. Warning: some viewers may find the footage disturbing.

2. An Eyewitness Said the First Shot Was Fired Intentionally

According to an eyewitness interviewed by WWL-TV, a man shot another man intentionally and then opened fire on a crowd on Bourbon Street. The eyewitness said, ” He seemed pissed off at some dude, pulled the gun out and started shooting at the guy then turned around on the crowd and started shooting at us.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, New Orleans Police Supt. Ronal W. Serpas said of the shooting, “This is two young men, both armed with firearms, who chose to settle a dispute between themselves without care for anyone else.”

3. One Victim Is in Critical Condition

According to police, one identified woman was in critical condition as of 5:30 a.m. Sunday, while the other victims are in stable condition. Police originally reported seven people being shot but later said more injuries were reported as the morning progressed. As of Monday afternoon, five victims are still in the hospital.

Cops say that some of the victims of the shooting were tourists. As of Sunday afternoon, no arrests were made.

4. Residents Are Hoping the City Takes the Shooting as ‘a wake-up call’

French Quarter resident Michael Tilbury told the Times-Picayune hopes the city takes the shooting as “a wake-up call” and hopes the shooter was caught on one of the quarter’s security cameras. “I hope we catch him and make a total example out how stupid and reckless this is,” Tilbury said.

5. Police Are Still Investigation

The New Orleans Police are still investigating what lead to the shooting as of 4:30 Sunday morning.


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One of my sources, a Manager of a nightclub down on Bourbon said they are not telling the truth about who got hurt, how bad and who died. My source was arguing last night with a WDSU reporter and told them straight up, “You all are lying! You are not telling the truth! I saw three (3) people being put in body bags last night after the shootings and you all are not reporting that!” The reporter told them, they are reporting what the police told them!

Also, the police response WAS NOT IMMEDIATE AT ALL! It took authorities 5 to 6 minutes to get there when they are supposed to be all around the French Quarter and Bourbon Street!!!! As I posted earlier today in another person’s post; The Police Men are too busy talking to each other in groups, where they are not paying any attention to what is going on on the street until a fight starts or shots ring out, whereas if they were vigilant, they would see these things developing and be able to stop them before they escalate! Also, the Police Men are too busy talking to the HOOKERS and STRIPPERS to be paying attention to what is happening on Bourbon Street or any of the side streets coming off Bourbon Street!!! It is pathetic is what it really is!!!

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