Dominick Diorio: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

New York cops say 40-year-old Dominick Diorio is one of two men who punched V. Stiviano in the face Sunday night outside a Manhattan hotel.

Diorio, a Long Island resident, was arrested Tuesday night outside his house in Old Bethpage.

Here’s what you need to know about Diorio:

1. Stiviano’s Lawyer Says Diorio Shouted the ‘N Word’ at Stiviano While Punching Her in the Face

Stiviano — famous for her role in the downfall of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling — was leaving a restaurant in New York’s Meatpacking District Sunday night when cops say Diorio and another man punched her in the face multiple times.

The New York Post published a statement from Alaneh Kamran, one of the Stiviano’s lawyers:

As Ms. Stiviano was getting inside a cab, one of the assailants punched her in the face, calling her a f—ing n—-r bitch.”

2. He Was Booked on a Hate Crime Charge, but Only Arraigned on an Assault Charge

Accused of assault on V. Stiviano, Dominick Diorio leaves courtDominick Diorio, accused of assaulting V. Stiviano leaving Manhattan Criminal Court, Wednesday June 4th 2014. He was charged with a assault on the controversial woman entangled in the Donald Sterling bias tapes. by Joe Marino 6-4-142014-06-04T15:52:33.000Z

Assistant district attorney Carolina Holderness told the Post that Diorio was booked on an assault charge and a hate crime charge. But when he was arraigned Wednesday, he faced only a misdemeanor third-degree assault charge. The video above from the New York Daily News shows Diorio at his arraignment.

Holderness told the Post that prosecutors are considering pursuing the hate crime charge.

3. Stiviano’s Face Was Badly Bruised in the Attack

The Daily Mail published several photos showing Stiviano with a large bruise taking up most of the right side of her face. The site reported the photos came from Mac Nehoray, one of Stiviano’s lawyers who had offered the photos as evidence the assault had taken place. According to ESPN, Stiviano had been in New York to film an interview for “Anderson Cooper 360,” on CNN, which was then cancelled.

The New York Daily News reports Diorio claimed he “slipped and fell” when he hit Stiviano. They report:

“A girl threw a phone at me and I ducked, slipped, and hit my head,” Diorio allegedly said.

4. Diorio Was in the City Celebrating His 40th Birthday

Revel restaurant, V. Stiviano, Dominick Diorio

(Google Streetview)

According to the Daily Mail, Diorio was in the city with a friend celebrating his 40th birthday when he got into an argument with Stiviano inside the Revel restaurant on West 12th Street. CNN reports Diorio tried to take a photo of himself with Stiviano in the shot from his phone when Stiviano swatted the phone out of his hand and walked out of the restaurant. Diorio reportedly followed Stiviano out of the restaurant.

Cops say the attack happened as Stiviano was getting into a cab after leaving the restaurant.

5. Cops Are Still Looking for a 2nd Suspect

Cops are investigating the incident and looking for a second man implicated in the attack. According to CNN, the other man held the door of the cab Stiviano and her sister were in while Diorio repeatedly hit Stiviano. Stiviano and her sister then left the cab and began fighting Diorio and the unidentified man on the street.

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