Mark Mahaney Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

mark mahaney, mount rainier


Mark Mahaney is being reported as one of the six dead climbers in the Mount Rainier climbing accident. Here’s what you need to know about him.

1. He is a Minnesota Native

mark mahaney, rainier


Mark Mahaney, 26, was a Minnesota native. He grew up in the suburbs of the Twin Cities in Prior Lake, but had resided in the state capitol of Saint Paul prior to his latest climb.

He had previously lived in Naples, Florida, also.

2. He was an Experienced Climber & had Climbed Mount Rainier Before

mark mahaney, mount rainier


Mark’s uncle Rob Mahaney told a Minnesota-based CBS news affiliate:

According to Rob, Mark was an experienced climber, this was his second time climbing Mt. Rainier, and his group was accompanied by two guides, one of which had climbed the mountain 50 times.

Below is a video of Mahaney climbing Mount Frances in Alaska in 2012.

3. He Didn’t Think This Climb Would be Easy

mark mahaney, mount rainier


Mahaney had been planning his latest Mount Rainier climb for months. In an April 18 Facebook post, he shared the above photo with the text:

This is a view of the north face of Mount Rainier with Liberty Ridge in the middle. The red line depicts an average route of ascent, from crossing the carbon glacier to surpassing the bergschrund at 14k feet…nothing will be easy on this climb.

Liberty Ridge is where Mahaney and five other climbers disappeared after sending out an emergency signal.

4. He had a Long-Term Girlfriend

desiree norins, mark mahaney, mount rainier


Mahaney had been in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Desiree Norins. The two met in 2012, and according to his uncle Rob, Mahaney’s only other love besides climbing was Norins.

5. Mahaney’s Father & Brother are in Seattle

After hearing word of the accident, Mahaney’s father and brother left Minnesota for Seattle to assist.

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