Illiana Blackshear: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Illiana Blackshear, Jozy Altidore girlfriend


American soccer fans uttered a collective gasp as Jozy Altidore suffered a hamstring injury in USA’s opening World Cup match against Ghana on June 16.

His rumored girlfriend, Illiana Blackshear, likely took the news even harder than most, perhaps watching the game from New York where she works for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets.

Here’s what you need to know about Blackshear and her own soccer past.

1. Altidore & Blackshear Have Not Confirmed Their Relationship

Jozy Altidore, United States national team


Rumors of a relationship between Altidore and Blackshear have circulated soccer forums since 2011, according to Neither of them has ever officially confirmed his or her dating status.

2. Blackshear Works for the Brooklyn Nets

Illiana Blackshear, Brooklyn Nets


Blackshear joined the Nets organization in 2008 as a partnership marketing intern when the team was still located in New Jersey, according to her LinkedIn page. She joined full-time as a corporate sales assistant in September 2010 and has moved her way up to account executive, partnership marketing and hospitality manager.

3. She Played Soccer for Monmouth University

Blackshear and Altidore share at least one thing in common: their love of soccer. The Jersey native attended Monmouth University and played all four years for the school’s women’s soccer team. She earned second-team all NEC honors as a sophomore and was named the Brine/NEC Player of the Week during her year year.

Unfortunately, her stellar play couldn’t stop Central Connecticut State from defeating her team in the semifinal round of the 2008 Northeast Conference Women’s Soccer Championship. Watch Blackshear, number 16, walk off the field of play after her team is scored on in the video above.

4. She Has a Degree in Marketing

Monmouth University

When she wasn’t scoring goals for her alma mater, she was receiving a good education in marketing, according to her LinkedIn page. The Monmouth grad picked up bachelor of science degree at the end of her four years at the New Jersey university.

5. Altidore & Blackshear Were Both Born in Livingston, N.J.

West Orange High School

(Google Maps)

Altidore was born in Livingston, New Jersey, but he grew up in Boca Raton, Florida. Blackshear stayed near Livingston, growing up in the nearby town of West Orange, New Jersey, according to her Monmouth soccer bio. She attended West Orange High School where she was a four-year letter winner for the girls soccer team.

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