Charles Mozdir Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Charles Mozdir Mug shot

(San Diego Crime Stoppers)

Charles Mozdir had been on the run for over two years before U.S. Marshals and NYPD fugitive officers went to arrest him in Manhattan’s West Village on July 28, reports The New York Daily News. Mozdir refused to go quietly as he opened fire on the cops, wounding three of them, before being shot dead himself by responding officers. Mozdir, 32, had been wanted on child molestation charges in California by the Coronado Police Department since June 2012.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Mozdir Had Been Featured on CNN

Mozdir’s case was so prominent that his story was profiled on CNN’s The Hunt. The show concluded that Mozdir was in San Diego or in Georgia in the Brunswick area of the state. The host of The Hunt, John Walsh, told Media Bistro, that his show had received tips that Mozdir was in lower Manhattan:

The tip came that he was in lower Manhattan, possibly working at a restaurant. That didn’t pan out. We reran the episode [last] night, and that released another tip, a cyber tip.

It was that tip that led Marshals to Mozdir working in a smoke shop in the West Village. The show aired most recently on July 20.

2. He Was Accused of Molesting His Godson

Mozdir had been accused of molesting his friend’s child, who was his godson, while he was supposed to be taking care of him. According to CNN, Mozdir had been invited to help out his friends by looking after their 5-year-old son who was suffering with a fever. The boy’s mother was dealing with the couple’s new born son and her father was away. After apparently spending the night looking over the boy as he slept, the child’s mother thanked Mozdir for being a “great godfather.” The boy then told his mother how Mozdir had molested him.

After the allegations were made, police found child pornography and bestiality on Mozdir’s phone and computer. Four days after the incident, Mozdir was arrested and charged with child molestation. He posted bail but failed to return for his arraignment on June 15. After that a $1 million warrant was issued for Mozdir’s arrest. A massive manhunt ensued throughout Southern California, parts of Georgia and even into Mexico in Baja California. On June 20, cops found Mozdir’s car just outside of the Georgia town of Darien but no trace of the suspect. You can watch a clip from the show here:

3. Mozdir Shot 3 Cops After He Was Found

Jones Street Fugitive SHooting

The scene around Jones Street and West 4th in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. (Screengrab via NBC New York)

When Mozdir was confronted by U.S. Marshals in a smoke shop where he was working in the West Village, he opened fire. Mozdir was eventually shot and killed by U.S. Marshals. Mozdir was able to wound three officers during the struggle, none of them seriously. The NYPD officer was Det. Mario Muniz, he was shot twice in the chest and once in the buttocks. All of the officers are being treated in Bellevue Hospital.

4. It Had Been Reported That He Was Armed

On his page on San Diego Crime Stoppers, it was reported that he had at least one legally registered firearm. Prior to going on the run, Mozdir’s room mate told police that Mozdir had threatened to kill himself and the victim’s father with the gun.

The page added that Mozdir had EMT training. CBS 8 had reported that Mozdir was always with his dog, a black Labrador named Lucky. U.S. Marshal spokesman Steve Jurman had said that Mozdir was a threat:

Certainly I believe that he is out there right now harming children and harming other people, I absolutely believe that.

5. He Had Worked as Wedding Photographer

Mozdir had worked as a photographer before going on the lam. He had photographed the wedding of the couple who accused him of molesting their son. They told CNN that Mozdir had always taken pride in being an outsider who told outlandish stories about traveling adventures.

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This was a very well done episode on Walsh’s The Hunt. Mozdila was a Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde. A charmer and a monster. The best thing is that he is dead.

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