Colleen Crowley & Johnny Manziel: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Texan beauty Colleen Crowley seems to be football star Johnny Manziel’s new squeeze. The two lovebirds both posted photos on their Instagrams of the two kissing (pictured above), leading us to believe that this could be more than a fling.

Here’s what you need to know about her:

1. She Goes to TCU

(Colleen (middle) attends a TCU football game.)

Crowley is an undergrad at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.

2. She’s From Houston

Crowley hails from Houston, Texas. Manziel is originally from Tyler, Texas which is about 3 hours away from her family’s home.

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3. She Likes to Party

In most of Crowley’s instagram photos she is shot gunning beer, at a bar or at a club. TCU is known as a huge party school. Manziel and Crowley seem to enjoy both wild nightlife and the high life.

4. She is Chandler Parsons’ Girlfriend’s Sister

Colleen (right) is the sister of Robyn Crowley (left) who is dating NBA player Chandler Parsons. If it’s possible, Robyn is just as pretty as her sister.

5. She Went to Boston With Manziel

Manziel posted a photo of him at Fenway Park in Boston with Crowley and some other friends just a few weeks ago. Since Crowley and Manziel are both from Texas, their relationship seems to be on the next level now that they are traveling around together.



Dave In Austin

Other than the fact that she goes to TCU, where ALL the women are incredible beauties, and the really hot ones are mythological, why is this even wasting space on the internet. Everyone already knows that TCU produces the prettiest women and the best football and baseball and that Johnny boy parties ridiculously. Not much news here, but thanks for the affirmation of TCU women.

Claire Bartell

This article should be “5 Goofy Guesses Regarding Manziel” They are not traveling together she was with her family and friends in the Boston area (they rented a beach house) Manziel was there doing a personal appearance with the Red Sox. Her sister did but is no longer dating Chandler Parsons.

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