Jack Timmerman & Calvin Verduga: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jack Timmerman and Calvin Verduga, two football stars and incoming seniors at Randolph High School in New Jersey, were both tragically killed in a car wreck in Randpolph on July 26, reports NJ.com. The two 17-year-olds were much loved and been described as going “together like bread-and-butter.” You can watch a touching, student made video about the two brothers above.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Prior to the Accident, They Were Working Out Together

Both were in training for the upcoming school year which would see the pair return to the Randolph Rams football program. Timmerman played as a middle linebacker with Calvin playing at defensive end. The two had been working out at Jack Timmerman’s mother’s gym before the tragic accident. Jackie Timmerman said about the two boys “They were friends from childhood. Calvin and Jack were like best buddies.”

Calvin Verduga Girlfriend

Jack Timmerman (Right) and Calvin Verduga (Left). (Facebook)

2. Calvin Verduga Survived a Car Wreck in April

According to NJ.com, Calvin Verduga was being driven home by a friend, Alex Wolmart, when Wolmart lost control of the car, flipping it. Both were okay after the accident, which prompted Verduga to post the above tweet.

3. In Addition to Football, Both Were on the Wrestling Team

Jack Timmerman Randolph Wrestling

Jack Timmerman suited up for wrestling in 2013. (Facebook)

Michael Suk, the wrestling coach at Randolph high, described the boys as “great young men.” He added:

It’s a tragedy. They were very good athletes, and just good kids. Just a pleasure to have.

A fellow student, Taylor Wrede, complimented that Jack Timmerman was the “Prince Charming of Randolph High School.” Whereas Max Zibitsker described Calvin as “very cherishing and loving.”

4. There Has Been an Outpouring of Emotion From Their Classmates & Friends

5. 2 Other Students in the Car Survived the Crash

Pix 11 reports that two others traveling in the car with Timmerman and Verduga survived the crash, they were the driver and the front-seat passenger. Cops have said that speed was a factor in the crash.

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