WATCH: Saudi Beating Bangladeshi ‘Slave’ for Having Phone

WARNING: What you are about to watch is very disturbing.

The above video surfaced front page on and allegedly shows what life is like for foreign workers who seek employment in Saudi Arabia.

A translation of the dialogue provided by Redditor saudi_guy_throwaway reads:

Saudi #1: “How did you obtain this phone?”
Saudi #1 screams: “GET YOUR HANDS DOWN.”
Saudi #1 says again: “How did you obtain this phone?”
Worker: “I found it , it was broken anyway”
Worker says in a pity voice: “You can check it yourself, it’s broken.”
Saudi #1: “Where did you find it?”
Worker: ” house”. I couldn’t catch it, sorry.
Saudi #1 asks about whom did he call with the phone: “Did you call my Madam? Did you tell her you’re Saudi?”
“madam” could either be a reference to a maid or one of the Saudis’ women(wife, sister, etc.).
Saudi #2: “Do you want to be killed?”.. Then he spits on the Worker’s face.
Saudi #2 says, after spitting, a common Saudi phrase that basically means: “Fuck you and your family”.
Saudi #1 says twice, in extreme rage: “It’s my fault for letting you do that.” Then he beings to beat the Worker.
Saudi #1 says, while beating the Worker: “SIT DOWN, SIT DOWN I SAID”, in response to the Worker’s resistance.
Worker starts begging for his life: “Papa! Papa!”; then he begins to scream in pain while Saudi #1 is beating him.

It is well known in the international community about the humanitarian crisis in Saudi Arabia that is modern slavery, specifically those of Indian or Southeast Asian descent. Peoples from these nations are recruited and promised work, susceptible to binding contracts due to illiteracy and a stagnant economy in their home country. Once arriving in Saudi Arabia on these contracts, their passports are taken from them.

CNN reports:

The prize for their back-breaking work: $5 a day for working in appalling conditions 12 hours a day 7 days-a-week; for frequently being deceived and blackmailed by rogue employment agencies back home; for signing contracts they cannot read and effectively being held hostage by an all-mighty employer in their new destination country; for being fully marginalized by the host societies; for living with hundreds of other workers, and as the BBC notes, sometimes six or seven crowded into a 3-by-3-meter room in dreadful desert camps without proper sanitation.

You can add to that corporal punishment for “misconduct” and it’s 1860 United States.

Worse yet, Saudi Arabia is a member of United Nations Human Rights Council.
Last month, they tried to stop the Center of Inquiry from delivering their findings of Saudi Arabia’s human rights violations three times. You can watch that video below.

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