Emma March: 5 Fast Facts You Need ot Know

Emma March of Vancouver, Canada will be playing in the 68th Little League World Series alongside just one other girl to be the third pair of girls in history to play in the same series.

Here’s what you need to know about her:

1. She is the 17th Girl to Make it to the Little League World Series

little league world series


At twelve years old, March became the 17th girl in history to participate in a Little League World Series, qualifying hours before Mo’Ne Davis who plays for the Taney Dragons of Philadelphia.

2. She is a Pitcher and First Baseman for Vancouver

little league world series


March plays two important positions on her team- pitcher and first baseman. She star player on South Vancouver Little League in British Columbia, Canada’s best little league team that advanced into the World Series bracket in 2014.

March told PennLive:

Emma March calls the fastball her best pitch but she said she also throws a curve and slider.

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3. Her Twin Brother is on the Team Too

March and her twin brother Evan both play for Vancouver. Evan is the catcher for the team and often catches for Emma.

Emma told Pennlive:

I trust him every much.”

Pennlive said Evan had a different opinion:

Her brother, who is left handed, said it is a little harder catching her.

“Usually when I catch other people and they throw the ball in the dirt, I don’t get upset,” Evan March explained. “When she throws the ball in the dirt I get sort of irritated.”

But, he said when she is struggling on the mound he tried to settle her down. It may be a biased assessment, but he said “she’s a great pitcher.”

4. Girls Have Been Allowed in the League For 40 Years

mo'ne davis

After the National Organization for Women filed a lawsuit forty years ago, the law changed allowing girls to participate in little league. The lawsuit was pressed after 12-year old Maria Pepe of Hoboken, N.J. was forbidden from playing in the league. The New Jersey State Supreme Court passed the law after the discrimination suit after opposing teams protested her joining the league.

Victoria Roche of Belgium was the first of eighteen girls so far to play in the Little League World Series that took place 30 years ago.

5. Mo’Ne Davis is the Only Other Girl in the 2014 Little League World Series

For the first time since 2004, there will be two girls present in the tournament fighting for the World Series win. March and Davis.

Davis and March make up the third pair of girls in history (68 years) to qualify in the same World Series.

Not only is Davis Philly’s starting pitcher, but she’s a good one at that. She strikes out her unsuspecting opponents with 70 mph fast balls and curve balls rare among 13-year-olds, let alone 13-year-old girls.

PennLive.com said:

March said Monday she is looking forward to developing a friendship with Davis.