Diana Hathaway: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Diana Hathaway Facebook

Diana Hathaway pictured with her daughter, Kelsey. (Facebook)

Diana Hathaway was shot in her car along with her son and daughter as they pulled away from their home in North Carolina. Both Diana and her son, Zachary died after the attack. Her daughter, Kelsey, is in hospital in critical condition. The perpetrator of the attack committed suicide immediately after firing on the family. He is believed to have been a man who was hurting the family for many months, reports WRAL. A friend of the family, Teddy Whetherby, told Heavy.com that the attacker goes by the name Jeff Allen but that’s likely an alias.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Hathaway Left Her Kids’ Dad After He ‘Over Stepped Boundaries’ With Their Children

Diana Hathaway Facebook

Diana Hathaway pictured on July 8. (Facebook)

Over the past eight months, Hathaway had been frequently posting on Facebook about a man who had she had known for 17 years and hurt her family. It began in December 2013 when she announced on social media that she was separated from her husband and the father of her children. She wrote:

17 years together you were the closes person to me my best friend i always thought we were going to betogether forever. I thought i knew you but i guess i really never did. I feel betrayed and decived im so so disgusted my only quistion is why? why would you do this to me? why to your family? I dont even want to try to understand its so sick theres no excuss for that. you over stepped boundries to the point of no return. And im sorry for you for us and or children things will never be the same.

You lost someone special . you need help i hope you get it . I forgive you becouse thats what god wants me to do .But i will never forget the shock and pain that i feel right now . please understand i had to leave you my children come first i have to protect them i just never thought from there own dad you were sopsed to protect us and keep us safe from the creeps out in this world .I never would of thought you were the creep.

Later in the year she updated her public profile to reflect that her daughter would testify against the man who had hurt their family. After numerous postponements, the Hathaway family appeared in court on August 5, Diana posted his on Facebook to reflect it:

2. Her Brother Said She Met Her Killer at Church

Zachary Phillips Facebook

The attack allegedly had an innapropriate relationship with Zachary Phillips (above).(Facebook)

According to Diana’s brother, Michael Hathaway the shooter was actually a man who had begun to have an inappropriate relationship with Diana’s son, Zachary. Michael told WRAL that his sister met the shooter in church a few months ago. She had taken steps to end the relationship when the man began to focus all of his attentions on Zachary Phillips. This included giving the 15-year-old money and having the teen stay with him.

Teddy Wetherby, speaking to Heavy.com, said that Diana had become suspicious of Jeff Allen when she saw his Facebook page. It had newly been created and only featured a picture of him with her son. Teddy said that Allen, 21, lived with two women who were in the military and worked at a Subway restaurant.

3. She Had Just Started Dating Another Man

Teddy Wetherby Facebook Diana Hathaway BOyfriend

Diana Hathaway had just started dating this man, Teddy Wetherby. (Facebook)

According to her Facebook page, Diana is dating a man named Teddy Wetherby. The couple had been together since July 2014. He posted on Facebook after hearing of Diana’s death:

RIP Diana I will be there for your babys you mean alot to me . I am feeling blessed to have had the time I had with u she changed me in so many way.

His father, also Teddy Wetherby, told Heavy.com, that his son and Diana had known each other since they 15 years old but had only recently started dating.

4. Diana Was a ‘Yankee Living in Redneckville’

Diana Hathaway Husband

This photo with Diana and her daughter, Kelsey, was described as being taken at “safe” on January 19. (Facebook)

She was a native of Waterford, Connecticut. According to her brother’s Facebook, the family were “yankees living in redneck ville.” On her Facebook page, Diana writes that she studied at Coastal Carolina Community College in Illington, North Carolina and that she worked at the Church of the Creek in Spring Lake, North Carolina. She had another son, Justin, was with his uncle at the time of the attack.

5. Her Daughter Should Survive

Kelsey Phillips Alive Facebook

Kelsey Phillips pictured on July 16. (Facebook)

Diana’s daughter survived the shooting, Kelsey Phillips, was rushed to hospital after the attack in critical condition. She underwent surgery and her condition is not thought to be life-threatening, according to WRAL.