John Cantlie Photos: Amazing Pictures Shot by Captured Photog

John Cantlie has appeared, under duress, in a new video posted online by ISIS. Cantlie is a citizen of the United Kingdom and was paraded in the new video as the Islamic State's latest captive. Unlike the videos of James Foley, Steven Sotloff and David Haines, Cantlie wasn't executed in this one.

This new video shows Cantlie alone, sitting indoors at a desk in a darkened room and speaking directly to the camera. It's shot from three different camera angles.

Cantlie indicates that this message will be the first of several he will deliver in a similar format, referring to "the next few programs" in which viewers will "learn" the "truth" about ISIS and Western motivations for entering another war.

Cantlie says he's been abandoned by his government and has nothing to lose, adding that European nations who've negotiated with ISIS have seen their hostages safely returned, while America and Britain choose to let their citizens die.

Before being taken captive, the West Sussex native was an extremely talented photographer.

As we hope that Cantlie is freed soon, here's a celebration of some of his finest work.