Jordan Matson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jordan Matson is the ex-U.S. Marine who is fighting ISIS on the ground in Syria. According to the Kurdish People’s Protections Units (YPG), Matson has joined their ranks in the war against the terrorist threat in the region. YPG spokesman, Redur Xelil, confirmed Matson’s involvement in an online message where he said: “Yes it is true. He is fighting in the Jazaa area.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He’s From Wisconsin

Matson is from Sturtevant, Wisconsin, where he graduated from Case High in 2005.

2. Matson Was Injured in Fighting

The spokesman who outed Matson as a fighter in the region, Redur Xelil, tweeted on October 1 that Matson had been injured in battle. Matson also confirmed that he had been wounded via his Facebook page but he added that it wasn’t serious.

3. He’s a Devout Christian

UPI reports that Matson is an Ex-Marine. One of the groups that he’s a member of on Facebook is the 30th infantry regiment. Among his likes on Facebook are the Holy Bible, the Iraqi Christian Relief Council and Vladimir Putin.

4. Matson Quit His Job on September 16

Reuters reports that Matson had told friends in August that he was joining a “private army” in Syria. He apparently broke up with his girlfriend and told his boss on September 16 that he was going to Syria.

5. Congress Voted to Go Ahead With Plans to Arm Those Who Are Fighting ISIS

President Obama ISIS Syria Jordan Matson

President Obama updating the nation on the progress of airstrikes against ISIS on September 23. (Getty)

In September 2014, Congress voted to authorize President Obama to arm and train “moderate rebels” in Syria. During the summer, Obama had asked Congress for $500 million for this project.




Jordan Matson is a hero as far as I am concerned. A true American Marine with guts. I am too old to go and join him or I would. I don’t think I will have to wait very long before we will be fighting them here. I am getting ready.

Larry Francis
US Vietnam Era veteran


Isn’t it funny how Obama is sending no Americans to fight this war that are actually in the military but we have American civilians that are joining the fighting and not standing by by taking action and actually going over there to “send the ISIS fighters to Hell?” I just find that ironic how our commander in chief has failed miserably in this country.


You have failed miserably, you pathetic partisan hack. Why don’t you go volunteer with Jordan or shut your arrogant pie hole?

jean Byrnes

Surprise surprise you’re anonymous…. Just like Obama….you will change your mind when Isis is at your doorstep you asshole

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