Vanessa Collier: Photos of Woman Who Was Denied Funeral

A church in Colorado canceled the funeral for a young woman because she was a lesbian. Vanessa Collier, 33, was killed on December 30 in Denver when her gun went off as she was cleaning it. When her loved ones gathered to celebrate Collier's life, they were cast out by the church.

Collier's funeral was due to be held at the New Hope Ministries chapel in Lakewood, Colorado, on January 10. A video package that was to be played at the funeral featuring Collier kissing her fiancee, Christina Higley, reports the Denver Channel. Collier's family refused to edit the video and removed the kissing at the request of the church's pastor, Ray Chavez. The funeral had been due to start at 10 a.m., at 10:15 a.m. those at the chapel were told that due to technical difficulties, the funeral was being moved to a nearby funeral home. The Denver Post reports that mourners had to help carry flowers while pallbearers had to put Collier's casket back in the hearse for the drive to the Newcomer Funeral Home.

Here are the images from Collier's tragically short life that you need to see:




God wants us to LOVE all no matter what… Remember, he was friends with prostitutes and sinners of ALL KINDS, let GOD JUDGE, OPEN YOUR HEART AND LOVE, If you believe they are WRONG and AGAINST GODS SINS, LOVE THEM EVEN MORE!


Wrong is wrong, yes pastor should not have agreed and should have informed them much much sooner. But gay is a choice not being born that way and it diffently is against God and his word, so the pastor was right in denying the funeral in my opinion which for now we still have the right to say, unfortunately not for long.


How the hell is being gay a choice? did you decide to be straight. That is like saying being black is a choice… how dumb does that sound? If it’s a choice, why would people chose to be treated so badly? Are you kidding me?

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