WATCH: Alabama Police Throwing Indian Man to Ground

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Dash cam footage of Officer Eric Parker assaulting a grandfather from India has been released. Sureshbhai Patel was paralyzed after the Madison cop threw him down.

Parker may soon be out of a job.

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Officer Eric Parker (YouTube)

According to Waay TV:

Police Chief Larry Muncey said Thursday afternoon the officer’s actions when he threw Sureshbhai Patel, 57, on the ground did not meet the standards of the Madison Police Department. Muncey said he would recommend Officer Eric Parker’s termination from the department.

Patel was left with spinal injuries after the incident. He had just moved to Alabama from India to join his son and his family in raising their children, his grandchildren.

Patel was out on a walk when police approached him, having reportedly received a call about a strange man walking in the neighborhood.

He was left temporarily paralyzed after the incident and still cannot use his right leg.