Kenneth Ballinas: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kenneth Ballinas Mugshots

(Houston Police Department)

A man in Houston is accused of shooting his parents dead as they slept because he thought they were evil because they nagged him about helping around the house, according to a judge in Texas. That man has been named as 26-year-old Kenneth Ballinas. The victims, his parents, were Oscar and Eva Ballinas, were found dead at around 2 a.m. on the morning of April 15.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. After the 911 Call, Cops Found Him Sitting on the Curb

Ballinas' parents.  (Screengrab via Click 2 Houston)

Ballinas’ parents. (Screengrab via Click 2 Houston)

It was Ballinas himself who called police. When officers from the Houston Police Department arrived at the home they found Oscar Ballinas sitting on a curb outside. When cops went inside they discovered his parents, Oscar and Eva, dead of gunshot wounds in their bed, reports ABC Houston.

2. He Lived at the Home With His Wife & Young Children

The scene outside the home after the shooting. (Screengrab via Click 2 Houston)

The scene outside the home after the shooting. (Screengrab via Click 2 Houston)

The Houston Chronicle reports that Ballinas lived with his parents along with his wife and two small children. All were found unharmed at the home, on 3100 block of Tidewater, in the city. One neighbor told the Chronicle “My husband spoke with him (the elder Ballinas) just the other day,” Pickens, 69, said. “They were very friendly, nice people.”

3. Court Documents Say That Ballinas Told Investigators His Parents ‘Needed to Die

Cops in Houston have charged Ballinas with capital murder without announcing the possible motive. A judge in the city who oversaw the suspect’s first court hearing told the court, that, according to documents, Ballinas believed his parents were “evil people who needed to die.” He was apparently furious at them for asking for his help around the house, reports KHOU’s Drew Karedes.

4. He Says His Favorite Quote Is ‘Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk’

Kenneth Ballinas Facebook


According to his Facebook page, which has no public updates since August 2014, Ballinas is a native of Houston and attended Madison High School. His page is littered with movie trailer postings and pictures of him partying. In one photo, he’s shown at a strip club with two strippers. In his About section, he writes:

Talk the talk and walk the walk.
Tomorrow is a new day.
Any day above ground is a good day.
All or nothing!

He describes himself as “the best friend EVER!”

5. His Brother’s Shotgun Was Used in the Attack

KHOU reports that Ballinas used a shotgun that he got from his brother’s room in the home. Prosecutors say that prior to going in and shooting his parents, he paced up and down the hallway outside their room.