Roxanne Dube: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Teen Son Of Canadian Consul General Arrested On Murder ChargeThe 15-year old son of the Canadian Consul General is under arrest for his alleged involvement in a drug deal that ended in gunfire. Subscribe now to CBS Miami for more updates: Official Site: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter:

The eldest son of recently appointed Canadian Consul General Roxanne Dube was shot and killed on Monday afternoon while attempting to rob a group of Miami drug dealers with his younger brother, cops said.

Jean Wabafiyebazu, 17, was killed in the incident. Cops said his 15-year-old brother, Marc Wabafiyebazu, and a third teen — 19-year-old Anthony Rodriguez — were also involved in the attempted robbery. Rodriguez was apprehended at a nearby gas station after being wounded.

Police believe both Jean and Marc were armed. Miami Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes told the Miami Herald that he believed the incident erupted after a drug deal gone wrong at a home in the Coral Way area.

Citing anonymous sources, the Herald reported that the alleged deal was for 2 pounds of marijuana at almost $5,000. Along with Jean Wabafiyebazu, Joshua Wright, one of the suspected drug dealers, was also shot and killed at the scene. Authorities have apprehended Marc Wabafiyebazu and Rodriguez. Wabafiyebazu is charged with felony murder and possession of marijuana with intent to sell, and is being held in juvenile detention.

Here’s what you need to know about Roxanne Dube:

1. Dube Was Appointed the Canadian Consul General in November

Roxanne Dube, Consul General

Roxanne Dube, Canadian Consul General in Miami (Twitter/@Roxanne_Dube)

Dube, an experienced diplomat, was appointed the Canadian Consul General in Miami in November, but she only arrived in the city in February, according to Daily Mail. On Wednesday afternoon, she hadn’t commented on the incident.

2. She Has Extensive Diplomatic Experience

Roxanne Dubé, Zimbabwe,

Dubé is a former Canadian Ambassador to Zimbabwe. (

Dube has worked in Canadian foreign affairs since the late 80s. She worked on Parliament Hill in Ottawa from 1988 to 1996, and then became legislative, cabinet and federal and provincial relations assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs until 1998. Dube has gone on to several roles in the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

In 2005, she was appointed Ambassador of Canada to Zimbabwe, and she has served as Canada’s special representative to the Southern African Development Community. In 2008,  she became Director General, Corporate Secretariat in the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Ottawa. Before accepting her appointment as Consul General, Dubé was Director General of the Geographic Strategy and Services Bureau.

3. She’s a Former Fulbright Scholar

Fulbright, Fulbright Scholar

Dubé is a former Fulbright Scholar.

Dube is a former Fulbright Scholar in Canada, one of the most prestigious awards around the world. Through 2014, 53 Fulbright scholars had gone on to win Nobel Prizes.

The consul general holds a Masters degree in Political Science from the University of Ottawa.

4. Dube Was Aware Jean Had a Substance Abuse Problem

Germano Wabafiyebazu, Dube’s ex-husband and the father of Jean and Marc, said he and Dube had been divorced a few years ago and that their son Jean struggled with substance abuse.

He told Global News that he did not think Marc had anything to do with the incident.

“My wife told me they didn’t go out,” he said. “They went to school, went home, went to school.”

According to Germano, the boys were just going out for a drive right before the incident. Jean and Marc were driving Dubé’s black BMW, which had a diplomatic license plate.

5. Dube’s Younger Son, Marc Wabafiyebazu, Can Be Charged With Murder Under Florida Law

Marc Wabafiyebazu

Marc Wabafiyebazu, Dube’s younger son (Facebook/MarcWabafiyebazu)

Police say Marc Wabafiyebazu was in the car when the shootout broke out. Marc’s father says he was told that Marc rushed into the house after hearing a gunshot. Under Florida law, anyone who participates in a violent felony in which someone dies can face a murder charge.