Sullivan Sweeten: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Sullivan Sweeten is the twin brother of Sawyer Sweeten who has committed suicide at the age of 19. The two boys starred as the sons of Ray Barone in the hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. He and his brother were just weeks short of their 20th birthday.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. His Brother Shot Himself While Visiting Family in Texas

Sawyer and Sullivan in 2004 (Getty)

Sawyer and Sullivan in 2004 (Getty)

His brother, Sawyer, shot himself on the front porch of his family home in Brownwood, Texas, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

2. His Sister on ‘Raymond’ Is His Real Life Sister

Sawyer Sullivan Sweeted Michael Geoffrey Barone Dead

With sister Madylin and twin brother Sawyer (Getty)

According to his IMDB page, the family consisted of Sawyer and Sullivan, as well as their actress sister, Madylin Sweeten, who also played their older sister on Everybody Loves Raymond.

Everybody loves Raymond – Michael and Geoffrey doing standupFrom Season 4 episode 102008-10-21T15:35:08.000Z

His parents are Elizabeth and Timothy Sweeten, says his IMDb, though on his Facebook page he identifies a man named Jerry Gini as his dad. Through posts on his Facebook, it appears he’s the boys’ stepfather. On his Facebook page, Gini is a member of the group “Gun Owners of America.”

3. On Facebook, He Refers to Himself as ‘Former Actor’

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The brothers hadn’t acted since their hit show ended in 2005. On his Facebook page, Sullivan describes himself as a “former actor.” Also on his page he emphatically states “I LIKE VIDEO GAMES,” he’s also, along with his brother, a fan of motorcycles. Their sister continued to act after the show finished.

4. The Show’s Creator Called the Kids ‘Brilliant’

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In his book, You’re Lucky You’re Funny, the show’s creator Phil Rosenthal called the Sweeten kids “brilliant, indelible actors.” On the show, Sullivan played Michael Barone and his brother, Sawyer, was Geoffrey.

5. His Sister Wants People to Use This Time to Reach Out ‘to the Ones You Love’

A rep for the Sweeten family told Radar Online that all who know Sullivan’s brother are “absolutely devastated.” On her Facebook page, Madylin Sweeten wrote “At this time I would like to encourage everyone to reach out to the ones you love. Let them have no doubt of what they mean to you.”