Jessie Nicholas Williams Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The FBI believe a missing 9-year-old in Texas was kidnapped by her 24-year-old uncle. The girl’s family believe she’s in grave danger. The victim is Caitlyn Williams, her uncle has been named as Jessie Nicholas Williams. On the day she disappeared, Jessie had told family members that he was going to pick a friend up at the airport. Just a day after she was reported missing, police in Benbrook, Texas, told the media that she had been found unharmed. Williams had struggled with an FBI agent and was killed. The two were found in Bossier City, Louisiana after an anonymous tip.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Told Her Parents She Was Going to a Friend’s House for the Weekend, the Feds Think She Was Lying

The girl was last seen on May 22. She had been due to go to a friend’s house to spend the weekend. Caitlyn was supposed to be home on May 24, her parents called the authorities when she never returned on May 25, allowing an extra day because weather had been bad. My Fox Dallas/Fort Worth reports that the FBI believe she has been taken by her uncle, Jessie Nicholas Williams, 24. Caitlyn never made it to her friend’s house. A Benbrook police spokesman said “Caitlyn probably knew that she wasn’t going to be going to the party, even though that’s what she told her parents.” She is a student at Benbrook Elementary. Speaking to NBC Dallas-Fort Worth’s Jeff Smith, Jessie Williams’ sister said he’s “really close” to Caitlyn but “nothing unhealthy.” After Jessie Williams’ death, police still do not what his motive was.

2. The Feds Say Jessie Williams Had Altered Caitlyn’s Appearance

She was taken from Benbrook, Texas, a suburb of Fort Worth. Caitlyn is 4 feet 4 and weighs 95 pounds with brown wavy hair. Jessie was seen with her uncle close to a beauty shop on Alta Mesa Boulevard in Fort-Worth, the feds believe she had her hair cut short there. NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reports that the two also stayed in a hotel in the area too. Jessie is a resident of South Bowen Street in Arlington, Texas. Officer Sandy Eubanks of the Benbrook police told the media “Because the other family members can’t contact him, obviously that elevates the level of concern we have to for the child.” Eubanks added that the family haven’t lived in their neighborhood for very long.

3. On Facebook, Jessie Calls Himself a ‘Smart & Enthusiastic Individual’

Jessie WIlliams Facebook page


According to his Facebook page, Jessie owns a company called Zairs Technology. On that company’s Facebook it’s described as “Our mission statement is to provide affordable, reliable, and quality services to our customers and design those services around our customers needs.” The company gives its address as 1911 South Bowen Road, Arlington, Jessie Williams’ home. Previously, he studied at Tarrant County College and Everest College. He describes himself as “a smart and enthusiastic individual, currently looking for a job and preferably in the Gaming Industry.”

4. Cops Have Recovered a Rental Car They Think the Two Were Using

Caitlyn Williams Kidnapping


An arrest warrant has been issued for Jessie Williams, reports the Dallas Morning News. The paper further reports that authorities have recovered a rental car that the two were using. Along with the Benbrook Police Department, the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI are also involved in the search.

5. Her Great Grandmother Begged Jessie Williams to Bring Her Home

Caitlyn Williams Found


Jessie’s grandmother, Linda Bullard, told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth “Jessie, please, you know Caitlyn needs to be at home, she needs to be in school, she needs to be with her friends and her mom and her dad and me. Please bring her home.”