Eric Casebolt Photos: Pictures of McKinney, Texas Officer

Corporal Eric Casebolt has been placed on administrative leave by the McKinney, Texas, police department after a video surfaced that raises questions about his actions during an incident at a public pool. Casebolt and other officers responded to the pool on June 5 for a report of a disturbance involving multiple juveniles who were not permitted to be there and were refusing to leave, police said. Casebolt's conduct with the teens, who were mostly black, has sparked outrage on social media.

Watch the video here and read more about Casebolt here. (Photo from LinkedIn)




First we need respect each other. The officers language to theses minors was unacceptable. The young lady did resist but you allow her to continue walk off. The kid that ran up on the officers wrong lucky to be alive. Now officer dead wrong with gun but i understand why, out numbered, scared as hell talk sh t to some young kids. From the looks of it there was no investigation, just remove the colored.


This is exactly why the forefathers wanted Americans to be armed. So that we can combat these kind of cops and a tyrannous govt. it is time to start fighting back with extreme prejudice.


This is NOT a 2A issue. Extreme Prejudice is a sexy catchphrase ripped right out of a white cop’s playbook. Do you really want to be identified with that behavior? There are 2 things that can stop this: 1) Start your video every time you see a confrontation between the cops & anyone, especially people of color. 2) Know your rights. Know what cops can & cannot legally do. Record EVERYTHING!!

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