WATCH: Men in Orange Jumpsuits Execute ISIS With Shotguns

A video purportedly released by rival Islamist group Jaysh al-Islam shows the point blank, shotgun execution of Islamic State members dressed in black. The executioners are dressed in the infamous orange jumpsuits of ISIS.

The video is titled “Al-Qisas for the oppressed Mujahideen on the Khawarij” which roughly means “Retaliation for the oppressed Muhajideen on the Kharijites.” Kharijites is a term in Islam and refers to a defiant sect in the religion and one of the first that could be considered “extremist.”

Jaysh al-Islam calls ISIS “Kharijites.”

Jaysh Al-Islam currently holds Eastern Ghouta, which is located near Syria’s capital city of Damascus.

Last week, ISIS released a video of them beheading members of Jaysh al-Islam. You can watch that here.

If the above video gets pulled, you can view uncensored screenshots here.

Find more ISIS news, photos and videos here.




You shouldn’t even feel sorry for isis. You are ignorant young one. What if it was you and your family who was killed or executed or even gassed or strapped with explosives for “fun” to execute you and your family. These men asked for their fate and fate delivered.

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