PullyPalz After ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With the Owner

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PullyPalz entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 with their unique pully system for babies’ pacifiers. Heavy caught up with owner Julie Tabor Thompson to see what her company has been up to recently. She talked about…

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How The Company Has Grown Internationally

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Since Shark Tank I’ve added around 100 new retailers. I sold as much in the three days after Shark Tank aired as I had in the prior six months! And the boost continued, not just in the US, but I had interest from several countries around the world. I’m nearly out of stock, so another production is underway for both PullyPalz and Teetheez.

Miniz, Their New Product

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(ABC/Michael Desmond)

People were so excited about the Miniz. I had so many contact me on where to buy them since they weren’t on the website, and/or asked if they could preorder. What was cut from the show was that the Miniz were just prototypes, and an accessory I’d like to produce to grow the product line and expand the versatility of the PullyPalz.
Needless to say, I’m now developing the Miniz, and hope to start production in the next few weeks.

Advice for Future ‘Tank’ Contestants

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I knew it would be intense, but I thought, ‘I can handle it,’ as I’m not generally a very nervous person. The experience was even more intense than it looks like on TV. In the beginning of my time in the Tank I was a nervous wreck, but as it progressed, it seemed to get a little better. Knowing that may help to manage expectations. Of course, just know your numbers forwards and backwards, and imagine any questions or opinions possible, and how to deal with the opinions, those you don’t agree with in particular. Mr. Wonderful kept comparing the PullyPalz, a plush, interactive toy with a self-retrieval system, to simply, ‘a pacifier.’ In my head, I was screaming ‘Missed the point!’ but outside I remained calm. Lori eventually said, ‘It’s not a pacifier!’ I loved her at that moment.

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