SynDaver Labs After ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Founder

syndaver labs

SynDaver Labs entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 pitching its synthetic body parts for scientific use. At that time, we interviewed founder Dr. Christopher Sakezles about the company. We caught up with him again as the episode re-airs on August 28 to see what he’s been up to since the show. He told us about…
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Handling the Demand After the ‘Tank’

syndaver, syn daver

The exposure from the show was both a blessing and a curse. Demand for our product was brisk before the show but now we are having a great deal of trouble keeping up.

Not Pursuing Robert’s Deal

syndaver, syndaver labs

We did not pursue the deal with Robert and have instead moved forward with a group of investors that gave us a more appropriate vaulation for the company.

Their Biggest Clients

syn daver labs, syn daver, shark tank science

Our biggest clients are the governments of the US, China and Mexico. Our largest private clients are Johnson and Johnson and Terumo Medical

His New Spinoff Company

syndaver labs

I have started a spinoff company called SynDaver FX which is media-geared. We already have projects underway with both CBS and NBC, with many more to follow.




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