Honeyfund After ‘Shark Tank’ — $100 Million in Gifts in 1 Year: Interview With CEO

Honeyfund entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 with their free honeymoon registry. Back then, we interviewed CEO Sara Margulis about how the website works. As her episode re-airs for Shark Tank Week, we caught up with her again and learned about Kevin’s involvement in the company as well as their fundraising website, Plumfund. Here is what she told us about…

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Their Growth Since the ‘Tank’

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Before Shark Tank, our revenues were $987,000. In 2015, we’re projecting revenues of $2 million. Honeyfund has raised $100 million in gifts in one year since Shark Tank, with 45 percent more users! We’ve now surpassed $300 million raised, all time. Plumfund traffic has tripled since Shark Tank and the site is now competing with the major crowdfunding sites, while saving users 5 percent on the typical crowdfunding fees and making giving feel good.

Kevin’s Unwavering Support & The Launch of ‘Something Wonderful’

We knew Kevin was a great partner for us with his financial background and interest in the crowdfunding space. Walking out of the Shark Tank with a deal from Mr. Wonderful and 100 percent ownership of our company was a phenomenal outcome. This year, Kevin has been an outstanding support to us. He appeared at a Plumfund media even in New York City in May, and invited us to the Huffington Post to talk with Arianna Huffington about women in business. He also invited Sara to write for his Huff Post blog. In July, Kevin brought several of his companies together to talk about strategies for working together and sharing customers. The following month, we launched ‘Something Wonderful’ which is a collection of O’Leary Ventures companies in the wedding and event space. Users of any one company get special offers from all the others, including Honeyfund, Plumfund, Bottle Breacher and Wicked Good Cupcakes.

Heartwarming Client Stories

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An incredible Honeyfund couple, Rhiann and Cheetah, embarked on a round-the-world wedding where they performed their own intimate wedding ceremony 38 times! A Plumfund we started has raised nearly $12,000 for a remarkable man in radioactive Fukushima, Japan, who cares for animals that were abandoned there.

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