Bernie Sanders’ Family: The Pictures You Need to See

Bernie Sanders might just be the most interesting man on the entire campaign trail and it doesn't have anything to do with his political viewpoints. The Democratic presidential candidate has seen his political star rise over the past few months and with every jump in the polls, the spotlight has started to shine even brighter on Sanders' personal life, including his family. It's a family that includes two wives, one son, three step-children and parents who helped shape his most fundamental views on the world. In other words, it's one fascinating group. Click through the gallery to see some of the Sanders' family best moments across the country and learn more about the group that is supporting the former Vermont senator's run at the White House. (Getty)



Judith Neuman

I would vote for Trump before Sanders,and can’t stand Trump.Sanders is a nut,will not get my vote.

patricia gomo

You sound like the nut. We need INFORMED voters. STAY HOME


You dont have to vote for bernie sanders. And you nut ass

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