CCSF ‘Gunman’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

CCSF 'Gunman'

Cops on scene at the school, supervising the evacuation. (Twitter/@ClassyAssKev1)

A suspect pulled a gun inside the Ocean Avenue campus of the City College of San Francisco prompting an evacuation and brief panic at the scene.

This is a breaking story so stay tuned for updates.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. According to at least one student on Twitter, a suspect pulled out a gun inside the school’s library. The school is now being evacuated with police heavily searching students as they leave. Less than an hours after the initial evacuation, students were allowed back inside the Louise & Claude Rosenberg, Jr. Library.

2. ABC San Francisco reports that there is “police activity” at the school and that people should avoid the area.

The scene outside of the library. (Twitter/@ClassyAssKev1)

The scene outside of the library. (Twitter/@ClassyAssKev1)

3. According to a statement from the school, no shots were fired and the suspect is in custody. The full release read “A fight between two students on campus resulted in our police force responding right away and the library being evacuated. No one is injured and the conflict is under control. Reports of an active shooter on campus are false. We will update frequently with more news.”

4. The incident is unfolding at the City College of San Francisco’s Ocean Avenue campus, which borders the Sunnyside, Westwood Park and Ingleside neighborhoods. It is the school’s primary facility.

5. It’s the largest community college in California, catering to over 90,000 students.