Jimmy Hubert: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jimmy Hubert mother Facebook post


A Georgia Tech student was found alive but bruised and beaten after being missing for three days. The missing man Jimmy Hubert, 24, was found by a friend early on the morning of October 19. He had been missing since October 16 at around 11 p.m. along Joseph E Lowery Boulevard, close to the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta. Hubert along some railroad tracks around 10 miles from where he disappeared.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Hubert’s Friends Have Been Credited for Never Giving Up on Finding Him

Jimmy Hubert Facebook page


On Georgia Tech’s website, Rob Connolly of the school’s police department credited Hubert’s friends who searched for him. Connolly said “Thanks goes to the students for not giving up on their friend.”

Connolly added later “They’re tech students, they can know how to track everything.” CBS Atlanta reports that searchers were aided by pings from Hubert’s cellphone which put him in the area around DeKalb Avenue and Arizona Avenue in Atlanta. The station says that authorities have no ruled out foul play in the incident.

2. He Was Last Seen Leaving a Frat

Jimmy Hubert Mother Facebook post

Hubert’s mother’s Facebook posting announcing her son had been found safe.

According to the school, the investigation into what happened Hubert is centered around the school’s Greek community. Fox Atlanta reports that Hubert had attended a Phi Delta Theta event prior to going missing. The station says Hubert left the party of his own free will. He is the vice president of the fraternity, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

3. Hubert Is the Vice President of a Frat That’s Facing a Year’s Suspension for Allegedly Racially Abusing a Black Student

In August 2015, Phi Delta Theta members were accused of shouting racial slurs at a black female student, reported USA Today. The incident resulted in a huge protest outside of the frat’s house on campus. On October 15, NBC Atlanta reported that Phi Delta Theta is facing a one-year suspension from the school. The frat is vehemently denying the allegations.

4. He’s Being Treated for Hypothermia & Other Injuries

Jimmy Hubert Phi Delta


On his mother’s Facebook page, Didi Olivia posted a photo of a badly bruised Hubert. She had earlier wrote that Hubert had been found by a friend named Emma, Olivia wrote “HES ALIVE !!!!!! He was found by the railroad tracks. He was beaten up and unconscious. The ambulance is there now to take him to the hospital…He’s in bad shape but alive.” The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Hubert is being treated for “hypothermia and injuries” at Grady Memorial Hospital.

5. He Works at Delta Airlines

Jimmy Hubert Delta

Hubert is part of a work experience program at Delta. (Facebook)

He’s an aerospace engineering student at Georgia Tech. On his Facebook page, Hubert says that he works at Delta in Liaison Engineering. He writes that he works at the airline “Cause I’m so fly” and is a native of Alpharetta, Georgia.