Sarena Moore: A Tribute to Oregon Shooting Victim

Sarena Moore, Umpqua shooting victims

Sarena Moore was one of the shooting victim at Umpqua Community College. (Facebook)

The names of some of the victims of the Umpqua Community College shooting in Roseburg, Oregon have been announced. Sarena Moore, 44, was one of the victims. Ten people died in the school shooting and seven more were rushed to the hospital.

Here’s what we know so far.

1. Sarena Moore Loved Animals

Sarena Moore, umpqua shooting

Sarena Moore posted this photo of Bullet, one of her service dogs, on Facebook. (Facebook)

Sarena Moore, 44, of Myrtle Creek was one of the victims. She loved horses and dogs. Her Facebook page is full of photos of horses and dogs that she’s owned or worked with. She also posted edifying, uplifting photos to her page, encouraging people about the importance of starting over and keeping on.

2. Her Family Misses Her Terribly

Sarena Moore, umpqua shooting

One of Sarena Moore’s profile photos encourages others to have courage. (Facebook)

Moore’s family misses her terribly. Her brother, Rick Goin, posted on his Facebook the night of the shooting and asked for prayers because Moore was missing. When he found out that she had died, he posted on his Facebook page: “My sympathies go out to the other families that have lost loved ones and to those that have been injured. May you rest in peace Sis, and may your murder burn in Hell.” He told Oregon Live that he was glad the officers did what they had to do, the shooter was dead, and they didn’t have to deal with trials down the road.

3. The Shooting Started in Snyder Hall

Roseburg shooting

The shooting started in Snyder hall. (Getty)

The horrific shooting happened on October 1. Witnesses say the shooting started in Professor Larry Levine’s classroom in Snyder Hall. Other witnesses have said the gunman asked students about their religion before opening fire.

4. An Army Veteran Risked His Life to Stop the Shooter

Chris Mintz, umpqua shooting

Chris Mintz was a hero and a light in the darkness on October 1. He risked his life to charge the shooter. (Facebook)

An Army veteran was shot five times while charging the shooter. Chris Mintz, 30, was ready to sacrifice his own life so other students could survive, his family said. He was shot in the upper back, left hand, abdomen, and each leg. He’s in stable condition, but he may have to learn to walk again, the Winstom-Salem Journal reported.  “He is very upset that people had to die and he wishes that he could have saved everyone. That was about all he was able to get out before he broke down. Hang in there brother,” his cousin, Derek Bourgeois said in a Facebook post after talking with Mintz.

5. Several Funds Have Been Set Up to Accept Donations to Help the Victim And Their Families

umpqua shooting

Several funds have been set up if you want to donate to help the victims and their families. (Getty)

If you want to help the families of the shooting victims, there are three relief funds you can donate to, Oregon Live reported. To donate to the UCC Relief Fund, set up by the Umpqua Bank and the Greater Douglas United Way, contribute at any Umpqua Bank branch. Cascade Community Credit Union also has a fund set up for people affected by the tragedy. Stop by any of the three Douglas County credit unions to make a donation.  The third donation account was set up by the Rogue Credit Union, which will match up to $2,500 in donations. Call 1-800-856-7328 for information on donating.