Katie Brown Photos: Pictures of Woman Accused of Dog Abuse

Police in Florida and Connecticut are investigating after a woman posted a photo to Facebook showing her dog with her mouth duct-taped shut. The post has sparked outrage among animal lovers and activists, who have flooded police and animal control agencies with phone calls. Katie Brown, 45, posted the photo on Friday, November 27. By Saturday, it had been shared more than 160,000 times. Brown lists her hometown as South Daytona, Florida, and she has apparently been living there with her son. Brown has also lived in Avon, Connecticut, and police in both towns have been contacted by concerned citizens. "The South Daytona Police are aware of the disturbing Facebook posting and photo by Katie Brown regarding her treatment of a dog," the City of South Daytona said in a statement on its Facebook page Friday night. "Be assured that there is an active animal cruelty investigation in progress. We are taking this very seriously. Please don't send further emails or messages as our email system is overwhelmed. We thank you for your help." Click through the gallery to see the Facebook posts, photos of Brown and her pets, and learn more about the investigation into the photo. (Facebook)

Read more about Katie Brown and find updates on the investigation here.




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