Cutting Hair With Swords: The Videos You Need to See

Have you ever considered getting your hair cut by someone wielding two swords — and fire? Well, this Madrid hair stylist is doing just that, as shown in the video above. There’s only one catch: have you ever smelled hair that was burning? It’s pretty terrible. Reactions to the video on Facebook weren’t super positive. Comments included: “I noticed how the video quickly skimmed over the end results” and “Burning hair smells nasty.” Then there was this person who obviously won’t be going for the swords option: “Customer dies accidentally from head decapitation by hair stylist.”

In the video, Alberto Olmedo explained that this method is the best way to get hair even on both sides of your head. By cutting with two swords at the same time, he can ensure accuracy. Here’s another video of his work:

He’s not the first person to do this, though. The following video shows a man cutting hair with one Samurai sword. He doesn’t have quite the same gusto though, and it looks like he’s opted to forego the whole fire part:

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Reality check

Brave enough to what,,, wear a bad hair cut?
Brave enough to pain outrageous fees for said bad haircut?
Brave enough to be laughed at when bragging about having your hair blowtorched or hacked with swords?

Oh wow you’re so cool and totally brave!


Those idiots, I suppose those stupid so-called stylists wipe their asses with swords and burn off their pubic hair before teabagging.

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