James Austin Hancock Photos: Pictures of Madison High School Suspect
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James Austin Hancock Photos: Pictures of Madison High School Suspect


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Lauren Turner

Austin was a sweet kid I can’t bbelieve someone like him would done this much fear.
Love, Lauren Turner


Thank you so much Lauren. Yes he is. An absolute doll baby who has never hurt anyone…ever. People really think they know it all until it happens to them

Lauren Turner

No problem i went to school with him knowing him very well and I think that the world got to rough for him Cuz we are just kids people don’t know what they say these days and how it can effect on others lives.
Love Lauren


All i can say is. HOME SCHOOLING. Its not safe to send your kids to school anymore. So sad, your not safe anywhere anymore.


Homeschooling? That’s your answer? The 2 boys shot and killed by their POS stepdad last weekend were homeschooled.


yea, well that is ONE incident in the homeschooling community compared to how many in PUBLIC schools??? notice, this shit does not occur in parochial schools because kids are taught about the sacredness of life there as opposed to public schools where kids are taught THEY are the most important thing in the world.


Sit and point your damn finger if it makes you feel better. If it makes you feel superior. You have no clue what even happened to this child…that’s right, child. So why don’t you just shut that damn hole in your face. A person couldn’t meet a more caring boy than Austin. Something is wrong here. Hope the day never comes when YOU get schooled on the fact that this can happen to ANYONE. And might I remind you of all the sick perverts at these Catholic institutions?

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