Northeast Tornadoes: The Photos You Need to See

A severe storm, nicknamed Petros, slammed into Northeastern states today, leaving terrible damage in its wake. More than 2,000 flights were canceled and over 5,000 flights delayed. At least two deaths were reported in Virginia and many buildings were severely damaged. Some of the worst damage was in Waverly, Virginia, where a tornado touched down and left at least three people dead. North Carolina also reported tornado emergencies in Raleigh, Cedar Creek, Stedman, and Vander, AccuWeather reported. Yesterday, Florida was hit as a strong tornado ripped through Pensacola, even blowing cars off I-10. These are photos from the affected regions, showing the tornadoes and damage left in their wake. Affected states included Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, and North Carolina. This first photo is from a video shared on Twitter by Ben Dominguez, a meteorology major. It shows a huge tornado in Stovall, North Carolina. (Twitter/Ben Dominguez)