Andre Montgomery Photos: Pictures of Miss Robbie’s Grandson

The grandson of one of Oprah's biggest stars and one of Tina Turner's backup singers has been killed in St. Louis. Authorities say 21-year-old Andre Montgomery was gunned down in the city on the night of March 14 while he recorded a rap song. He was a regular fixture on the OWN's Welcome to Sweetie Pie's. The show is fronted by his grandmother, Miss Robbie Montgomery. It deals with her and her family as they run their soul food restaurants, Sweetie Pie's.

Miss Robbie told TMZ that the house where Andrew was shot also serves as a recording studio. She says he was there laying down a rap track. While recording, he got a call from someone telling him to go outside, that's when he got shot, according to the gossip site. The shooting happened on the 3900 block of Natural Bridge in north St. Louis at around 8 p.m. on March 16, reports the St. Louis American. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Several posts on Andre's Facebook show him with guns, weed, and making fun of Crips gangs in St. Louis.

Fox St. Louis reports that there are no suspects in the case right now. The station adds that another man, so far unnamed, was also shot and is in critical condition at a city hospital. The second person, a friend of the reality star, was not shot by Andre's killers but rather by someone who just arrived on the scene and was trying to help.

Miss Robbie told TMZ that police do have a lead in the case relating a hotel room that Andre was staying at the time of his death. She says that on the morning of March 15, someone used a keycard to get into the room and stole Andre's things. That suspect was captured on surveillance footage.

According to his Facebook page, he just returned from a visit to Lubbock, Texas, prior to being killed.

Here are the photos that celebrate the life of Andre Montgomery: