WATCH: Chris Christie Press Conference Livestream Full Video

Gov. Chris Christie hosted a press conference today, shortly after Mitt Romney delivered a scathing speech about Donald Trump, encouraging conservatives not to put him in office. Did Christie’s speech address what Romney said? Did he talk about why he supported Trump? Did he address what everyone wanted to know about the #FreeChrisChristie meme?

The press conference was streamed live starting at 1 p.m. Eastern, and you can watch a video of the entire press conference above.

Christie has come under a lot of criticism lately for his support of Trump. When he stood behind Trump during Trump’s press conference on Super Tuesday, Christie’s expressions fueled a meme called #FreeChrisChristie. Now, six newspapers in New Jersey are calling for Christie to step down, but a recall is a longshot, Asbury Park Press reported.

Christie addressed numerous questions during the press conference, including why he endorsed Trump, why he looked like he was being held hostage on Super Tuesday, and if he had any plans to step down as governor. Here’s the part where he talked about being held hostage, with a little extra added:

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