POLL: Who Won Thursday Night’s GOP Debate?

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Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich appeared at the GOP debate tonight. (Getty)

With Super Tuesday behind us and Donald Trump holding a large lead, Thursday night’s GOP debate comes at a crucial time for his chief rivals Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and all but a last chance for John Kasich. The debate turned increasingly personal for Trump and Rubio, with Cruz and Kasich taking a chance to tout their records and advance their proposals.

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Endorsement & Criticism

Donald Trump adamantly disavowed his white supremacist supporters:

He did the same for his 2012 endorsee, Mitt Romney:

Trump also addressed the outstanding Trump University lawsuits:

Economic Policy

Marco Rubio talked job creation:

Ted Cruz reiterated his desire to abolish the IRS:

Second Amendment

Cruz referenced Trump’s shifting support for a federal assault weapons ban:


Donald Trump softened his position on the H1B program, while Cruz doubled down:

The Democrats

Cruz and Rubio hit at Trump over his support for Hillary Clinton:

National Security/Foreign Policy

Donald Trump doubled down on his promise to bring back waterboarding, in response to opposition from national defense leaders:

Kasich laid out his vision for the use of the military:


Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio talked about the host city and nearby Flint:

The Race

When Ted Cruz called himself the only candidate to have repeatedly beaten the frontrunner, Trump brought up their overall record:

Trump addressed the “small hands” jab Rubio took at him:

The two later got into a heated conversation about each others’ deceptiveness:

In the middle of the foreign policy debate, Trump talked about his changing positions:

Kasich called for civility, not only in a debate context:

All four candidates agreed to support the eventual nominee.

Poll: Who Won the Debate?

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