Mindy Mann Pregnant: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mindy Mann — Gavin Rossdale‘s former Nanny — is reportedly pregnant with her first child, according to US Weekly. On March 3, Nicole Jennifer Mann — Mindy’s sister — made the announcement on Instagram that she’s expecting a boy. Mann (Right) is pictured above with her sisters Cayla (Center) and Jennifer (Left).

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Had a Three-Year Affair With Rossdale While Watching His Children

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Thx for all the birthday messages. You got my love G.

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Rossdale was allegedly having an affair on then-wife — Gwen Stefani — for three years with Mann, reported US Weekly. He was married to Stefani for 13 years. Mann had worked as a nanny to the couple’s three sons; Kingston, 9, Zuma, 6, and Apollo, 2.

In November 2015, an E! Online source stated that “Gwen’s suspicions were confirmed” when another nanny found an iPad with Rossdale and Mann’s sexual exchanges on it.

“One of the other nannies went to get the iPad for one of the boys and found texts and photos that Mindy had sent to Gavin. Gavin’s texts were linked to the iPad and could be seen. They talked about meeting up to have sex and she sent naked photos.”

According to Access Hollywood, Rossdale even left Stefani at the hospital while she was giving birth to Apollo, to go see Mann.

2. Mann Is Reportedly Still Close to Rossdale

Mann, Rossdale and a friend were seen having dinner at The Fat Dog gastropub on February 25 in North Hollywood, according to a Radar Online source.

The source stated that while Mann and Rossdale are no longer intimate, they do keep a close friendship.

“He does maintain a close friendship with Mindy, and hopes to always be in her life. They definitely acted like a couple. They were eating off each other’s plates, leaning in, and laughing. It seemed like they were trying to stay under the radar because this place is off the beaten path. But they arrived and left together.”

3. Rossdale Is ‘Adamant He Didn’t Get Mindy Pregnant’

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While Rossdale, 50, maintains a close friendship with Mann — who’s shown above dodging pregnancy questions — he’s reportedly confident that he’s not the father of Mann’s child. Rossdale is said to have moved on from the controversial time period in his life.

“Gavin is adamant he didn’t get Mindy pregnant. They haven’t been together for more than a year. Gavin has moved on from that time in his life,” according to The Hollywood Gossip on March 7.

4. She’s Dating a Snowboarding Teacher

Spencer Gutcheon — Mann’s boyfriend pictured in the Instagram video above — is rumored to be with snowboarder Spencer Gutcheon

While there isn’t much info out on Mann’s boyfriend, his most recent Twitter post was a positive message on July 21, 2013.

“just live. that’s all there is to do, you cant do things right. you cant do things wrong. just do them how you know how to”

Gutcheon, who’s Instagram account is titled “spooncer_your_main_utensil,” wrote some more inspirational words for the site’s description.

“Living life and letting life live me are the best ways to explain this collage of pictures I have collected”

5. The Baby’s Father Has Yet to Be Confirmed But It’s Likely Gutcheon

While the the baby’s father has yet to be confirmed, Mann’s sister — after expressing her utter joy — did acknowledge Gutcheon as the father on her Instagram post.

“I am excited to announce I’m going to be an aunty to another beautiful baby!”

In the comment section of the post, Mann’s sister wrote to Gutcheon: “ur gonna make the best daddy!!”

Mann’s mother — who’s Instagram account in titled JenniferMann3 — also acknowledged Mindy’s pregnancy.

“Extremely excited to announce the news that our beautiful new grand child is a BOY. America here we come, more grand children, loads of love, heaps of cuddles.”

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