Spretz After No Deal on ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Owner

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Spretz entered the Shark Tank in Season 7 debuting their all-in-one breath and hand freshener.

Back in January, as the episode aired, we interviewed creator and owner Tony Gauthier about the company which came about when he was on a smoke break and wanted to freshen his breath and hands. Realizing a two-in-one product did not exist on the market, he teamed up a chemist, and Spretz was born.

Although he did not get a deal in the Tank, he has ambitious plans for the future, which include earning the title, “the Redbull of Freshness.” He continued, “Spretz’s plans are to continue to expand our product line and grow the company to a place where Spretz can be found in every convenient store, gas station, smoke shop and transportation depot.”

Here’s what else he told us about…

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Their Bestseller & New Products


Our focus is still on our flagship flavors Cinnamint and Peppermint. Peppermint seems to be the fast growing favorite. But we have plans to launch a Citrus and Vanilla Lavender later this year. Spretz will also be looking to produce products for the home as well, such as all-natural air fresheners for the car and bathroom.

What the Sharks’ Didn’t Take Into Account- ‘The Spretz Customers and Community Get’

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I think the Sharks did a great job at educating and informing us on what it would take to be in stores and what it would take to compete with the big dogs. You know, eye-level in the candy section of the checkout stand. The one thing I don’t think the Sharks realized was the connection between smelly hands and funky breath. I don’t think they took into account the smoking industry, the culinary industry, waiters, businessmen and women that may sneak off for a quick smoke or to have sushi during that lunch break, and then come back to a meeting or appointment. Let’s be honest, not everyone is washing their hands when they’re in a rush. But people will try to eat a thousand mints or put on lotion, spray or colognes to cover up the smell of whatever they just took part in. And I know we can’t mention it on TV, but in some states medical marijuana is legal. We’ve had customers who smoke say this is the best thing for them because now they don’t feel so embarrassed when they’re around others who may or may not smoke. What the Sharks didn’t mention, the people did. The Spretz customers and community gets it. The get and understand exactly what the need is and why someone would purchase Spretz. And people that don’t smoke, they love Spretz because they say being that it’s an all-natural way to freshen the breath, it’s amazing.

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Advice for Future ‘Tank’ Contestants- ‘Believe in Yourself & Your Product’

My advice to future Tankers, is to believe in yourself with all your heart; believe in your product; stay confident and know your business in and out. Know your numbers, have a solid team, and don’t let the Tank be the final straw. No matter what the outcome, deal or no deal, the Sharks decision to invest in your business or not is not the end all of your company. Many people have not received deals and are doing just fine, and some who were offered deals are nowhere to be found. Have a solid plan. And also understand that just being on the show is helpful promotion for your company so maximize it. You made it there for a reason.

Retail Partnerships

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There are a few stores that currently have our product on hand. We have many retailers, cigar lounges, smoke shops, as well as domestic and international distributors, interested in selling Spretz. We are really working diligently to do what we can to meet that need and get the product in stores. We are working on our wholesale protocol as we speak. Spretz will be in those stores soon. The challenge has been finding a contract manufacturer that can produce exactly what we need. But no worries, we will be there soon, very soon.

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