Why Wasn’t Michael Reagan at Nancy Reagan’s Funeral?

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Was Michael Reagan at Nancy Reagan’s funeral? If not, where was he? (Getty)

If you watched Nancy Reagan’s beautiful, touching funeral, you may have noticed one person who wasn’t there. While Patti Davis and Ron Reagan gave beautiful eulogies in honor of their mom, Michael Reagan wasn’t there to give a speech. Michael is Nancy Reagan’s stepson and Ronald Reagan’s adopted son from his first marriage with Jane Wyman. Michael and Nancy have a very close relationship. Michael’s absence wasn’t because he didn’t want to be there. He was simply on the other side of the world.

Here’s what you need to know.

Michael Reagan and his wife, Colleen, were traveling in Asia on business when Nancy Reagan passed away. They couldn’t reschedule their business meetings, so he announced on Twitter that they wouldn’t be at the funeral.

However, he added that his children, Cameron and Ashley, would be attending the funeral in their place. Cameron’s wife, Susana, also attended.

Michael Reagan will be speaking in honor of Nancy on March 16 on the USS Reagan in Tokyo. He said on Twitter that he was proud of Patti and Ron for delivering such touching, beautiful eulogies for their mom:

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Absolutely, Airborne869. He is a class act and now I truly hope he is free to be President Reagan’s son without the “Adoptive” or “Nancy’s Stepson” stigma.


I have always admired President Reagan and his wife. However Michael Reagan felt about Nancy we’ll never know for sure. But the perception is that he never felt “at home” with them. Nancy didn’t have a close relationship with her own children. Remember Michael at Pres. Reagan’s funeral, he stayed back behind Ron Jr. and Patti, as though they had more of a right than he did, and if Pres. Reagan would have approved I don’t know. The respect he showed was touching, but it told a story of itself. However wonderful Nancy was in hundreds of ways, she was distant from her own children and even more distant from Michael.


You forget that at President Reagan’s funeral towards The end of the service Nancy got up walked to the casket leaned over it and started to have a breakdown both Patty and Ron Junior sat in their chairs whileMichael was the first one to get up and go put his arm around her I remember that as if it were yesterday.

Jingle Marie Bell

Yet he had no problem criticising President Obama for not attending due to previous commitments. Michael had ample time to come back if he had chosen to attend his step mother’s funeral.


your talking about a family that was & is a class act(ron & nancy)& a president that has NO class. rest in piece nancy


NO, jingle marie is talking about a STEPSON who supposedly loved his stepmother. President Obama is very classy and strong having to put up with people like you who say mean things about him on a daily basis.


He deserves every bad thing said about him he is a trator who is trying to disarm us while bringing terrorist into our homeland killing us every chance they get


Bravo you are correct. He endorses the efforts to invade our country from the southern border, he manipulates the information. He is the worst president in history and the first known traitor.

Logan Hunt

No one has to say anything mean about President Obama. One only needs to observe his behavior and recognize it as downscale.


1) You’re not your and 2) Peace not piece. Our current president IS a class act, but it’s ignorant people, perhaps like you, who sully the presidential image. No sitting president attends the funeral of a former first lady; that is the function of the FLOTUS. And, yes, Michelle Obama attended Nancy Reagan’s funeral.

Serge Kowalchuk

If you noticed PRESIDENT George W. Bush was there. What kind of example does that kind of tradition teach our children? No, some have faults and no class and some, dispite their faults, have alot of class. Using tradition as the reason is a cheap excuse for a political statement. Tradition is good only if serves a higher purpose. This one, sadly does not. Our First Ladies are not second hand citizens and should be treated accordingly.🇺🇸😡


George W Bush was the only past president who came, and all he did was made peculiar faces during the service. It was much more relevant for the past first ladies to come, and they all did.


Not true. JFK attended Eleanor Roosevelt’s funeral along with Jackie. Google it. You tube it. It was during his presidency about a year before he was assassinated. Yes, MOST do not, that is true.

Michele Lea

Your spelling is crap. Anyone who has spent almost 8 years listening to comments like yours and so much worse, with tolerance, has tons of class, grace and dignity.

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