WATCH: CNN New York Democratic Debate Full Video Replay

democrat debate full video

US Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders shake hands before the CNN Democratic Presidential Debate. (Getty)

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off Thursday night, April 14, in New York for a highly anticipated debate before the big New York primary next week. The debate was aired on CNN. You can watch the full replay of the debate below:

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There were many highlights and fascinating moments during the debate, including discussions about foreign policy in Israel, Hillary Clinton’s speech transcripts, and Bernie Sanders’ tax returns. CNN has provided a few great videos of the best highlights, if you prefer to watch those rather than the entire debate.

Here, Sanders talks about the Supreme Court nominee:

In this clip, Hillary Clinton talks about Obamacare:

Sanders discusses foreign policy in Israel:

Clinton discusses Libya:

The two sparred many times during the lively debate:

In the end, they both shared their closing statements. Here is part of Clinton’s:

And here is part of Sanders’ closing statement:

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