Bernie in Ventura, Pomona, & San Pedro: Rally Photos You Need to See

In the span of about 24 hours, Bernie Sanders hosted three rallies in California that were, in his supporters' words, absolutely yuuuuuuuge. More than 10,000 showed up in Ventura, thousands showed up in Pomona, and a thousand ventured out in the morning for a union-focused rally outside a museum in San Pedro. Despite disappointing news about a Bernie-Trump debate not happening, the huge turnouts for the rallies are helping supporters stay excited, knowing the race for the Democratic nomination isn't over. If Bernie can pull off a big win in California and other primaries on June 7, there's still a chance that he might walk away with the nomination after a contested Democratic convention in July. His supporters will be there for him every step of the way. Click through the gallery to see photos from Bernie's rallies in Ventura, Pomona, and San Pedro, California, and read stories from people who were there. Carl Huffman was at the Ventura rally and shared this photo on Facebook. (Facebook)