WATCH: New York Hearing on Election Fraud

Today, the New York City Board of Election Commissioner’s meeting listened to a long stream of voter complaints and concerns about the way the New York primary was handled. Worries ranged from hundreds of thousands of voters who were mysteriously purged from the voter rolls to voters who found their party affiliation changed for unknown reasons. Voters were also angry about the fact that they had to choose their party affiliation back in October, long before the primary was held in April. Voters streamed into the meeting to share their worries about potential election fraud. It’s not known if actual fraud occurred or if the problems were the result of glitches and other registration issues. But voters in New York want their votes to count and they want to find out the source of the issues.

You can watch the entire three-hour meeting in the video above.

Voters have also shared some of their personal experiences with the New York primary, which we are sharing below. This first video is about a voter who was very concerned to learn that only 1/3 of affidavits were being counted, despite audits and lawsuits pending. Lisa Barri wrote a detailed note to accompany her video, which you can read if you click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of the video.

And next are comments from people who attended the rally just before the hearing:

And here is another video of the protest just before the meeting:

To read more about the election fraud concerns and voting problems in New York, please see:

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