Donald Trump’s Reaction to the Orlando Terror Attack

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Donald Trump spoke at a Tampa, Florida rally the day before the shooting. (Getty)

Donald Trump has reacted on Twitter to last night’s mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, that has left more than 50 people dead and another 53 people injured.

In the tweet, the presumptive Republican candidate for president acknowledges a “really bad” shooting:

But, less than two hours later, Trump had returned to his attack on Hillary Clinton and her campaign ad which accuses him out for mocking a disabled reporter:

Trump then posted a second tweet about the shooting two hours later:

And then, an hour after that:

Reactions to Trump’s latest tweet have been particularly scathing, seen by many as insensitive and self-congratulatory:

It has not been confirmed whether the shooting is being classified as domestic terror or connected with a larger international terrorist network. However, should shooter Omar Mateen be linked to radical Islam the connection will surely play a role in how the presidential candidates address issues of national security and gun control legislation.

The attack, and the candidate reactions, may also impact voters come November. Trump’s standing in national opinion polls increased after strong anti-Muslim sentiments in the wake of the terror attacks in San Bernardino, Paris, and Brussels. FiveThirtyEight reports that in national polls Trump’s numbers jumped after the attacks, from 28 to 32 percent after the attack in Paris on November 13, and from 32 to 35 percent after the San Bernardino attack on December 2.

In an interview with CNN following the Brussels attack on March 22, Trump elaborated on his suggestions for how to deal with radical Islam in the US, including banning Muslims from entering the US, waterboarding and torturing suspects, and patrolling highly-populated Muslim neighborhoods:

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