Helen Aguirre Ferre: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Helen Aguirre Ferre, Helen Aguirre Ferre RNC, RNC Hispanic communications director

Helen Aguirre Ferre is the RNC’s new Hispanic communications director. (Facebook)

The Republican National Committee’s head of Hispanic media relations is resigning because she did not want to work for Donald Trump, according to The New York Times.

To take her place, the RNC has hired Helen Aguirre Ferré, a former adviser to Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

“Her wealth of experience is complemented by a keen strategic vision, top-notch communication skills, and outstanding leadership qualities, and she is going to be a tremendous asset to the RNC as we seek to stop Hillary Clinton and elect a Republican president,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said of Ferré.

So who exactly is Ferré, and what does she think about Donald Trump? Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. She Has Worked as a Journalist and TV Host

Florida Women's Hall of Fame: Helen Aguirre FerréMiami Dade College’s Board of Trustees Chair and award-winning journalist Helen Aguirre Ferré has been named to the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame. The Florida Women’s Hall of Fame was created by Florida Statute to honor women who, through their lives and efforts, have made significant contributions to the improvement of life for all citizens…2016-02-08T19:44:28.000Z

Ferré’s career has not just involved advising politicians. She is also an accomplished journalist and TV host, moderating a Florida public affairs show called Issues with Helen Ferré. On Univision, she hosted the two hour program Zona Politica con Helen Aguirre, and she appeared regularly on that network’s show Al Punto con Jorge Ramos.

Over the years, she has been a guest on the PBS News Hour, CNN Headline News, NBC6 Miami, Newsmax, Univision and Telemundo networks, according to Miama Dade College.

She has also written for a variety of newspapers, once writing a weekly opinion column in The Miami Herald.

2. She Has Deleted Many Anti-Trump Tweets

Helen Aguirre Ferre Never Trump, Helen Aguirre Ferre Donald Trump, Helen Aguirre Ferre deleted tweets

In the days since being hired, Helen Aguirre Ferre has deleted many anti-Trump tweets from her account. (Twitter)

It appears that Ferré herself is no fan of Trump, or at least she didn’t used to be. Just last month, she said that Trump seems to be bothered by strong, independent women, according to the Miami Herald.

In addition to comments she made during official media appearances, Ferré’s Twitter is also full of anti-Trump statements. Since joining the RNC, nearly all of these tweets have been deleted from her page, but they have been collected via Media Matters for America.

Over the course of the past several months, she has made it clear that she does not believe Donald Trump represents the values of the Republican party, and she on several occasions voiced her support for the #NeverTrump movement. This is the group of conservatives who vow they will vote for neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump. Now, it will be Ferré’s job to convince people to vote for Donald Trump.

3. She Blamed Trump for Violence at His Rallies

Helen Aguirre Ferre Trump violence, Helen Aguirre Ferre Trump statements, Helen Aguirre Ferre Jeb Bush

Helen Aguirre Ferre once said Donald Trump is to blame for the violence at his rallies. (Twitter)

Another anti-Trump statement Ferré made before taking this job was that she believes Donald Trump is to blame for the violence that has occurred at his events, specifically his Chicago rally in March.

“I think it’s more than clear, Donald Trump has contributed to this and there is very clear evidence in his speeches and his rallies that he does instigate that violence, and then he will say I will pay for your attorney or don’t rough them up too much,” she said in an interview at the time, according to BuzzFeed.

4. She Doesn’t Agree with Trump’s Position on Illegal Immigration

What The RNC's Newest Hispanic Outreach Director Used To Tell Hispanic Media About TrumpThe Republican National Committee’s (RNC) new Hispanic Outreach Director, Helen Aguirre Ferré, has repeatedly criticized presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Hispanic media. Aguirre has compared Trump to a “street dog,” said he would not be able to unite the Republican Party and said he had shown an “anti-female” pattern of behavior.2016-06-02T18:30:44.000Z

Ferré’s role will be to reach out to Hispanic voters, a group with whom Trump has not been polling well. However, this might be difficult considering that Ferré has herself spoken out against Trump’s policy on illegal immigration.

According to BuzzFeed, in an interview last summer on a Univision program, she referred to Trump’s border wall plan as “absurd” and “anti-immigrant.”

She has also often spoken about the fact that Trump supporters have committed violence against Hispanics. In one tweet, she referred to a story in which two men beat a homeless Hispanic man because they believed Trump was right, writing, “Terrible!”

5. She Now Says Donald Trump Represents ‘Real Change’

Helen Aguirre Ferre TV, Helen Aguirre Ferre Univision, Helen Aguirre Ferre tv host

Helen Aguirre Ferre is an experienced journalist and television host. (Twitter)

Ferré seems highly aware that convincing Hispanic voters that Donald Trump has their best interests at heart will be difficult. In a Washington Post interview, though, she praised Trump despite all these previous negative statements.

“Is it going to be tough? Of course,” Ferre said. “But Hispanic voters see that these last eight years of President Obama hasn’t done them any favors. That’s part of the reason people are looking for real change and Donald Trump presents that real change.”

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll shows that among Hispanic voters, Hillary Clinton is ahead of Donald Trump by 48 points.

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